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Here you can find everything about piecerates and wages for fruit picking and farmwork in Australia.

Like most backpackers on a Work holiday Visa, the search for your first job can be frustrating times. You start reading about farm jobs or fruit picking and after some further 'google-ing', you have read more bad stories than good ones about the jobs in Australia. After some time you applyied for every hourly job possible on the usual sites and you have decided to give piecerates a chance. But what is a good price for a bin of apples, or how long does it take to pack a tray of strawberries? Here is where fruit & farm work comes into play: people who already worked on a piecerate base add their experiences and wage so you can have an idea how much you can earn.

If you picked, packed, pruned, or something else; please add the rate and experience(good or bad) on this website so futher workers can have an idea about their earnings, and to stop some farmers scamming backpackers with low rates. Futher WHV will be very thankfull for youre contribution

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